January 2011 

January 4 – VAT Rise


On January 4th 2011 the rate of VAT in the UK increased by 2.5% to 20% - and our 2011 prices reflect this change.However, in order to provide complete transparency to our guests, LEGOLAND Windsor has also taken the unprecedented step of in future showing all our admission prices net of VAT i.e. the real charge we make.  Tax will then be added at point of sale as a separate entry and the final price you will pay will be the addition of these two costs.   This form of pricing is very common elsewhere, in the USA for example, and we believe will not only demonstrate the significant value for money LEGOLAND Windsor offers but also highlight the extraordinary impact that VAT has on the cost of a day out in the UK.



Vote For Change


If like us you believe that VAT on visitor attraction ticket prices should be reduced in line with other European countries (between 5-8%) please support the industry campaign to reduce the VAT rate by clicking on www.BALPPA.org where you will find a simple opinion poll – the results of which will be fed back to Government; as well as a standard letter to your local MP which you can download and send.  Thank you.