May 2011 

Brand new LEGOLAND attraction Atlantis to launch Friday 20 May 2011

Thousands of underwater creatures take up residence at LEGOLAND Windsor


Over 2500 tropical fish, sharks and rays will be arriving at LEGOLAND Windsor this week – as the park prepares to open a unique underwater attraction on Friday 20 May 2011.

Atlantis Submarine Voyage will be the world’s first LEGO themed aquarium tank complete with eight custom-built yellow submarines, each one transporting up to 14 passengers at a time into a mesmerising ocean world.


The fish made their 130 mile journey from the West Country with a number of marine specialists ensuring they travelled safely to their new home.


The largest species to arrive today is the Zebra Shark.  They are often referred to as Leopard Sharks due to their change from stripes to spots.  Growing to an average of three metres long, the sharks are expected to live for 30 to 40 years.


 “The fish and sharks are settling well into their new marine world and will get used to the submarines and lots of astonished faces looking at them in no time at all,” said aquarium curator Iain Grieves “but unnatural noises can startle them, so a lot of engineering has gone into achieving silent running.”


The huge doughnut shaped aquarium tank through which the submarines will travel holds over a million litres of water.


Incredibly every drop of it is recycled and passed through cleansing filters every two hours.

The eight submarines are suspended on a track that moves them silently through the water, ensuring a stress free environment for the myriad of fishy residents.


Over 50 species of sharks, ray and tropical fish will join a number of Atlantis themed LEGO figures promising families a magical marine voyage.  Species will include...

  • Nurse Sharks, who have a fantastic sense of smell and the suction power of 8 vacuum cleaners.
  • Cownose Rays, named for their odd looking heads, they swim in groups which allows them to use their synchronized wing flaps to stir up sediment exposing buried clams and oysters.
  • A pair of Cleaner Shrimps who will set up a 'cleaning station' where fish who need cleaning can visit. The shrimp cleans the inside of the mouth and gill cavity of the host fish without the fear of being eaten.
  • After the famous movie ‘Finding Nemo’ starring a Clownfish was released, demand for these little fish as pets quadrupled.
  • The Chocolate Chip Starfish mouths are actually on the underside of its body. In order to pick food, they cover it with their body and push out their stomach from the inside.
  • The beautifully coloured Parrotfish is known to change its shape, colour, and even gender during its lifetime.
  • Sargeant Majors are known for being extremely territorial and are aggressive fish as adults.
  • The Big Eye Soldier Fish is a nocturnal fish, hiding while the lights are on and swimming in the aquarium darkness in search of food.
  • The Yellow Tang is a small tropical fish, few people know that they have very sharp white coloured barbs around their tail area and those barbs can inject a sting.
  • Sea Cucumbers who communicate with each other by sending hormone signals through the water.


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