May 2011 

Multi-million pound, world-first attraction  
Atlantis Submarine Voyage opens today  
at LEGOLAND Windsor



Sea Cadets from the Windsor & Eton Unit test ride the highly-anticipated submarine ride


Sea Cadets from the Windsor & Eton Unit and seven year old LEGO enthusiast, George Gray, have been helping test ride LEGO-themed submarines at LEGOLAND Windsor’s new £8million Atlantis Submarine Voyage attraction in preparation for today’s opening.  George, along with members of the Windsor & Eton Sea Cadets, was on hand to make sure the first test-ride around the million litre tank ran smoothly, and the 2,500 species of fish had settled into their new home.


LEGOLAND Windsor’s Atlantis Submarine Voyage is the world’s first LEGO-themed aquarium tank complete with eight custom-built yellow submarines, each one transporting up to 14 passengers at a time into a mesmerising ocean world. Nearly 100 striking, bespoke LEGO brick models and features  have been hand built to bring Atlantis to life by the LEGO model building team including LEGO divers  and also a LEGO King Neptune which is made up of over 100,000 LEGO bricks!


George commented: “I had such an amazing time! It was so much fun being able to ride on a LEGO submarine. I got to see sharks, sting rays and lots of amazing looking fish! My favourite was the Zebra Shark which they named after me!”


Sea Cadet Ruth Hawes (CDT) said: “It was so much fun to be able to help test run such a fantastic ride and being able to get close to and learn about all the wonderful looking fish! The unit really enjoyed themselves and we’ll definitely all be back to have a go again!


With over 50 different species of fish, sharks, sting rays and various other sea life, aquarists will be on hand to teach visitors about these amazing creatures and the environmental conservation programme LEGOLAND Windsor have put in place to care for them.


Some of the species of fish at the new attraction include...


  • Nurse Sharks, who have a fantastic sense of smell and the suction power of 8 vacuum


  • Cownose Rays, named for their odd looking heads, they swim in groups which allows them to use their synchronized wing flaps to stir up sediment exposing buried clams and oysters


  • A pair of Cleaner Shrimps who will set up a 'cleaning station' where fish who need cleaning can visit. The shrimp cleans the inside of the mouth and gill cavity of the host fish without the fear of being eaten


  • After the famous movie ‘Finding Nemo’ starring a Clownfish was released, demand for these little fish as pets quadrupled


  • The Chocolate Chip Starfish mouths are actually on the underside of its body. In order to pick food, they cover it with their body and push out their stomach from the inside


  • The beautifully coloured Parrotfish is known to change its shape, colour, and even gender during its lifetime


  • Sargeant Majors are known for being extremely territorial and are aggressive fish as adults


  • The Big Eye Soldier Fish is a nocturnal fish, hiding while the lights are on and swimming in the aquarium darkness in search of food


  • The Yellow Tang is a small tropical fish, few people know that they have very sharp white coloured barbs around their tail area and those barbs can inject a sting


  • Sea Cucumbers who communicate with each other by sending hormone signals through the water


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