The LEGOLAND® Castle Hotel

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LEGOLAND® Castle Hotel

Every brick is buzzing with enchantment as Knights and Wizards from surrounding Kingdoms gather here to celebrate their magic and display their skills in The Grand Tournament.

Kings, queens, princes and princesses from miles around have arrived to join the festivities and help prepare for the most exciting event on the calendar.

Every Kingdom has sent their finest Girl and Boy Knights and most skilful Wizards and Sorceresses to compete for first prize. They have courageously travelled through enchanted lands, crossed oceans and battled fierce creatures to be here… and now it’s time to see what they can do.

Here at the Castle, preparations are well underway; potion rooms glow with new spells and powers from mystical artefacts are being harnessed ready to be displayed in the arena. The wizards are working hard to bestow their knights with more strength, bravery and skill to win in contests against their opponents.

Flame-coloured phoenix birds – the most magical creatures in existence - have arrived to oversee the work of the Wizards to make sure this Grand Tournament is the most enchanted one yet!

But the tournament isn’t the only thing being prepared. Our Court Jesters are busily putting together mischievous entertainment and fun that will take your breath away. As Young Knights eagerly practise their jousting skills and Wizards on broomsticks whoosh by overhead, it’s clear everyone is excited; even the dragons are eager for the tournament to begin. Our fire-breathing friends are taking a break from guarding the mounds of treasure in our vaults to enjoy the magic as it swirls through the castle. Dragons can sniff out a champion Knight better than anyone, so if a dragon takes an interest in you,  gallantry is your destiny.

Will our Kingdom reign supreme? Will our Knights, Wizards and Sorceresses prevail to be crowned champions? 

With your help, anything is possible….


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