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Annual Pass

Annual Pass Information

If you are a Merlin Annual Pass holder please click here for the latest information regarding your passes.

Answers to our Frequently Asked Questions for LEGOLAND® Annual Passholders can be found below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have applied multiple extensions to account for time lost due to temporary attraction closures in accordance with Government advice throughout the past year, including the most recent period. This means that your new expiry date will be different to the one currently printed on your card.

The length of the extension applied to your pass depends on what your original expiry date was, and therefore how much time you missed out on due to temporary attraction closures. These have been applied automatically, and you do not need to do anything to activate these.

As there have now been various extensions applied to passes at multiple times throughout the past year, we recommend using our New Expiry Date calculator to check what your new expiry date is.

Passholders can pre-book tickets to visit the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort here.

Please note that Passholder pre-book tickets are available in line with the latest government advice and are subject to availability. 

We are now able to safely re-open our attractions in accordance with Government guidelines, but to do that we must adhere to strict social-distancing measures to help keep us all safe. In order for us to do that our attractions operate with capped capacities and Passholders need to pre-book a ticket to present with their valid Annual Pass to help us manage this.

It’s really easy, just go to this page and follow the instructions.

Yes you can! Just add in all the pass numbers for your group when prompted and you can pre-book your tickets at the same time so you can visit together. Please note that only groups using the same pass type may book together, different passes must book separately.

Yes you can! If your plans change, simply log back in to the booking portal and select to cancel your booking. This means another Passholder will have the chance to use this ticket and nobody will miss out.

Yes you can! To cancel, please complete and submit this form. Your booking will then be cancelled and tickets will be released back for other Passholders to enjoy instead.

No, you don't need to book for any children under 90cm in height to visit the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort.

Unfortunately, in 2020 a few Passholders took advantage of our system and pre-booked more tickets than they needed, meaning that other Passholders sadly missed out. By capping pre-books to 3 at any one time per pass, this will help to prevent this from happening again and means a safer, fairer system for all.

All this means is that you can only have your limited number of pre-booked tickets per attraction at any one time, so you will have to wait until you've used or cancelled one of your tickets before going ahead and booking another.

We’re very proud of our new pre-booking system and are confident that this easier way of managing tickets combined with capping the amount of pre-book tickets Passholders can have at any one time will lead to much more availability for all throughout the 2021 season.

We will also be releasing tickets in waves throughout the year to prevent our most popular times from being immediately booked up.

No, Passholders with a Resort hotel booking do not need to pre-book, entry is automatically guaranteed with your stay alongside a valid Annual Pass.

Yes, you will be asked to present your pre-book ticket with the date of entry alongside your valid Annual Pass, which you will scan as normal.

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