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We understand the needs and facilities required for guests with disabilities, which is why we have listed all of the relevant information below. If you do not feel that your needs are satisfied within this, we strongly encourage that you reach out to our dedicated team prior to your visit.

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  • Annual Passes

    Guests with a disability can obtain a transferable helper’s Annual Pass. Please visit the Annual Pass Room for more details. Suitable documentation evidencing the disability together with the disabled guest's Annual Pass must be shown.

  • Changing Places & Toilets

    Toilets with disabled access are located throughout the Resort, and these locations are marked on our Resort Guide.

    People with profound and multiple learning disabilities, as well people with other physical disabilities such as spinal injuries, muscular dystrophy and multiple sclerosis often need extra equipment and space to allow them to use the toilets safely and comfortably. These needs are accommodated with our Changing Places facilities that are located in Heartlake City. Guests will need a radar key to access the room which includes:

    The right equipment

    • Height adjustable changing bench
    • Tracking hoist system, or mobile hoist if required

    Enough space

    • Adequate space in the changing area for the disabled person and up to two carers
    • Centrally placed toilet with room either side for the carers
    • Screen or curtain to allow the disabled person and carer some privacy

    A safe and clean environment

    • Wide tear off paper roll to cover the bench
    • Large waste bin for disposable pads
    • Non-slip floor
  • Disabled Parking
    • A designated car park close to the entrance is reserved for guest with disabilities. There are signposts within the car parks to guide you to the parking facilities. If parking in a disabled bay please display your disability badge on your windscreen
    • Parking costs £6 and spaces are limited so we recommend arriving early
    • There are also designated bays for disabled guests staying at our Resort hotels, these are located in the Hotels Car Park
  • First Aid
    • Our friendly first aid team are located in Heartlake City and have qualified staff on duty at all times
    • They are available to help with a variety of additional needs, from cold storage of medication to providing a private space to administer medication
    • There is also a height adjustable hoist with a changing plinth to aid our guests
  • Getting Around

    Individual lands are clearly marked by signposts around the Resort and there are 2 large scaled maps located at The Beginning and at the bottom of the Hill Train.

    We’d recommend picking up a copy of the Resort guide as you enter the Resort and using it to help you navigate between lands. Alternatively, you can download the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort app and use the interactive map.

    The Resort can be steep in places, however, a fun alternative to walking up or down the hill is to take the Hill Train. All pathways are suitable for wheelchairs and pushchairs.

  • Queue Free Attractions

    Queue free attractions include:

    • Star Wars Miniland Experience
    • LEGO Miniland
    • Imagination Theatre
    • Return to Skeleton Bay
    • Friends to the Rescue
    • Olivia’s House
    • Xbox Gaming Zone
    • Castaway Camp
    • Brickville
    • Splash Safari
    • Model Making Studio
    • Duplo Puppet Theatre
    • LEGO NINJAGO World: Cole’s Rock Climbing, Kai’s Spinners, Jay’s Lightning Drill, Zane’s Temple Build

    Many of the queue lines for rides and attractions are accessible to wheelchair users either via the main entrance lines or via the Q Bot entrance. 

  • Rides Access Pass Collection Point

    Guests who qualify for the Ride Access Pass should go to Guest Services, either in The Beginning or in Heartlake City, with suitable documentation stating the nature of their disability.


    Guests who qualify for the Ride Access Pass should go to Guest Services, either in The Beginning or in Heartlake City, with suitable documentation stating the nature of their disability.


  • Shops, Restaurants & Hotels
    • All of our shops and restaurants at the Resort are wheelchair accessible. If assistance is needed in any of our outlets please do not hesitate to ask a member of staff
    • Similarly, all communal areas of our Resort Hotels have wheelchair access
    • Wheelchair accessible bedrooms are limited so please enquire when booking
  • Wheelchair Provision

    This policy is designed to make reasonable adjustments to assist guests who are using a wheelchair or similar mobility aid whilst using our Resort.  Guests who qualify for the scheme must register with us prior to using the system.  Registration can be on the day of your visit at guest services either in the Beginning or Heartlake City, please note when registering that there may also be other guests registering which can cause some queuing time. When registering you will be required to show us your mobility aid, this also allows us to provide you with the best possible advice on using our Resort as it has many inclines due to the natural setting we are located in.

    Once you have registered for a season this will be valid for the entirety of that season.  To make the Wheelchair Pass as user-friendly as possible we use smartphone technology, therefore in order to use our Wheelchair Pass you will need to bring a smart phone. Once you have been to guest services staff will issue you with a login for access to your Wheelchair Pass for the day. Please note that for each Wheelchair Pass we issue there is a maximum of 4 people able to book on one ride at any time. This should be the guest with a disability with up to 3 accompanying people. In order for the Wheelchair pass to be used the guest with the disability must be experiencing the ride and be using their mobility aid at point of entry to the queue line.

    Each time you visit you will need to obtain a new login. Once logged in to your Wheelchair Pass you will be able to book one of the 15 rides that are not accessible via the main queue line, this will then notify you of a time to arrive at that ride so you do not have to physically wait in the main queue. On the map side of this policy you will see the appropriate entrance for each of the rides you are using. Once you have beeped in with the host on the ride using both your smart devices you will then be able to book your next one.  Please note that the wheelchair pass is only for rides that are not accessible through the main queue line.  All other rides are accessed through the main entrance.

    The rides available on the Wheelchair Pass are:

    • S.Q.U.I.D Surfer
    • LEGO City Coast Guard HQ
    • DUPLO Train
    • Scarab Bouncers
    • Dragons Apprentice
    • Viking River Splash
    • Destiny’s Bounty
    • Raft Racers
    • Driving School
    • Balloon School
    • Sky Rider
    • Atlantis Submarine Voyage
    • Laser Raiders
    • Jolly Rocker
    • Learner Drivers