Q-Bot is a ride reservation device and it allows you to reserve your place in the queue line for your favourite rides without having to actually stand in line!


Rent your Q-Bot from either of the Q-Bot pick-up-points in The Beginning or LEGO City and then simply follow the steps below:

  • Select one ride from your choice of over 20 attractions using the Q-Bot buttons*.
  • Receive your ride time on the Q-Bot screen.
  • Explore the park, visit our shops and restaurants or, maybe even ride a different ride!
  • Go to your chosen ride on or after your allocated time.
  • Enter via the Q-Bot entrance.
  • Enjoy the ride!
  • Repeat this simple process for your next ride.


To purchase Q-Bot Mobile on the day of your visit, simply visit www.legolandqbot.co.uk on your smartphone.


*The Q-Bot allows you to reserve one ride at a time.