Active Learning Workshops


All our workshops take place in the Imagination Centre, a short walk from The Beginning. Please ensure you leave plenty of time to arrive for your slot time.



‘I would like to teach my class here daily!’ - Stebon Primary School

‘Brilliantly resourced, engaging & motivating’ - Abbots Langley School

 ‘Never seen my class so focused!’ - Trallwn Primary School


‘Really relevant and ticks many ICT assessment boxes’  - Bredhurst CofE School



EV3 Space Mission KS 2 & 3 


Science, Computing and Design & Technology


Bring ICT alive outside of the classroom by using a unique and specially designed version of the LEGO® MINDSTORMS EV3 Technology; students put their problem solving skills to the test to complete a number of space themed challenges.  



Build and Play Storytime KS 1


English, Design & Technology, Literacy & PSHE 


Let us tell you a story, all about our favourite place - LEGOLAND! Combining literacy skills with all the educational values of the traditional LEGO Brick, come and join in this interactive, fun and expressive workshop. 



LEGO Atlas KS 1, 2 & 3 


Science, Geography and Design & Technology


Explore, locate and identify the Earth's Oceans and Continents through LEGO! Use team work and building skills to complete a LEGO mosaic of our Earth and identify our 7 Continents and 5 Oceans. 


LEGO Centre Stage KS 2 & 3


Drama and English


Build and Perform your very own LEGO Production in our Performance based workshop. Take to the stage with LEGO in hand and let your creativity run wild! 



Computer Design and Control KS 2 & 3


Science, Computing and Design & Technology


This workshop utilises LEGO WeDo Software where pupils will build and program an interactive model. The workshop covers key Computing terminology and discusses the need for computers in everyday life.  



Gears, Pulleys and Construction KS 1 & 2


Science and Design & Technology


Explore how construction has been made easier with the introduction of gears and pulleys. Participants will discover the advantages of these systems and will then demonstrate their understanding through the construction of a LEGO ride.  



Understanding Underwater Habits KS 1, 2 & 3 


Science and Design & Technology


Explore habitats, adaption and classification. Pupils will put their learning into practice by designing their very own LEGO Animal before going on our world first underwater submarine ride to study real rays, fish, shark and other amazing sea life. 



Understanding Underwater Conservation KS 1, 2 & 3


Science and Design & Technology


Discover the effects that man is having on our planet and see how we can help preserve our habitats through conservation. Pupils will be given the opportunity to construct their very own sea based habitat before going on our world first underwater submarine ride. Students can observe the beautiful array of species giving them an understanding of why conservation is so important.  



Business of LEGOLAND KS 4+

Business Studies, Travel & Tourism, Marketing and Media Studies


Suitable for GCSE, A Level, NVQ, BTEC or Degree Level Students 


Pupils can learn all about the business behind LEGOLAND® and parent company Merlin Entertainments Group. Explore recent marketing campaigns, our vision, mission and strategy, training and recruitment processes and much more. 



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