Active Learning Workshops


All our workshops take place in the Imagination Centre, a short walk from The Beginning. Please ensure you leave plenty of time to arrive for your slot time.



‘I would like to teach my class here daily!’ - Stebon Primary School

‘Brilliantly resourced, engaging & motivating’ - Abbots Langley School


‘Never seen my class so focused!’ - Trallwn Primary School


‘Really relevant and ticks many ICT assessment boxes’  - Bredhurst CofE School



EV3 Mars Mission KS 2 and 3 - NEW                            


Science, Computing, Design and Technology


Using the LEGO Mindstorms students learn all about computer programming and robot control.


LEGO Atlas KS 1, 2 and 3 - NEW




Students will build a LEGO Mosaic of a map of the Earth and working in groups to identify continents and oceans.


LEGO Centre Stage KS 2 and 3 - NEW


Theatre/Performing Arts/English


Students build their own scenes and perform short stories using LEGO Minifigures as characters.


Computer, Design and Control KS 2 and 3


Science, Computing, Design and Technology


Students use the LEGO Education WeDo Technology kits and programme LEGO Models to move.


Gears, Pulleys & Construction – KS 1 & 2


Science, Design & Technology


An introduction to gears and pulleys in modern technology using LEGO Models as a hands-on building exercise.


Underwater Habitats KS 1, 2 and 3


Science, Design and Technology


Exploring habitats, animals and classification, students get to build their own underwater creature.



Underwater Conservation KS 1, 2 and 3


Science, Design and Technology


Learn all about conservation and the protection of the natural world, and then get to see it in full effect on Atlantis.



Build and Play Storytime KS1


English, Literacy, PSHE


Students receive a story all about LEGOLAND and then get to build their own creations relating to the story.



Business of LEGOLAND KS4+

Business Studies, Marketing and Media


Students learn all about the LEGOLAND Business and Merlin Entertainments.



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