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LEGO® Education Workshops

Our workshops are perfect for teachers and students to experience a fun, hands-on and engaging session hosted by our trained educational staff.

All of our workshops utilise the world's finest educational play materials: LEGO® bricks and cover key curriculum targets including English, Computing and STEM.

Here at the LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort we offer 14 different workshops for a minimum of 10 students which you can enjoy on your school trip, scroll down to find out more.

Dragons Apprentice 0096

Science of Rollercoasters

KS2 & 3 Science (Forces and Energy) - Build and design a LEGO® Rollercoaster and explore how forces and energy act upon them.

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Fairy Tale Brook at the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort

Story Maker

Currently unavailable - returning Summer 2021. Early Years, KS1 & 2 English - Kick-start creativity and boost writing, speaking and listening skills for your students.

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Miniland 18997 E

LEGO® EcoTown

Currently unavailable - returning Summer 2021. KS2 & 3 Science - Explore and investigate renewable and non-renewable energy.

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Kingdoms Models 0767

LEGO® Castle Builder

Currently unavailable - returning Summer 2021. KS1 Design & Technology - Design and construct a LEGO® Brick castle.

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Kingdom of the Pharaohs

LEGO® Time Traveller

Currently unavailable - returning Summer 2021. KS1 & 2 History - Explore Ancient Civilisations from our Stone Age ancestors to Roman Britain.

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Underwater Creatures

KS1 & 2 Science - Dive into the amazing underwater world of the LEGO® City Deep Sea Adventure.

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Miniland 18976 E

Around the World

KS1 & 2 Geography - Identify and locate the Earth's Continents and Oceans on our bespoke LEGO® map.

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Workshop at the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort

LEGO® Gears and Pulleys

Currently unavailable - returning Summer 2021. KS1 Science - Explore and understand how gears and pulleys work together to move objects.

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4D Movie Theatre 2

LEGO®, Camera, Action!

KS2 & 3 Computing/English - Students will collaborate and create their very own LEGO® Movie!

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We Do 2.0 Primary

LEGO® Robotics - Primary Edition

KS1 & 2 Computing - Students will build and program their very own interactive LEGO® model.

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We Do 2.0 Secondary

LEGO® Robotics - Secondary Edition

KS3 & 4 Computing - Students complete a series of challenges with the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® robots. Please note this workshop is for a maximum of 16 students.

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Business of LEGOLAND®

Currently unavailable - returning Summer 2021. Key Stage 4+ Business/Travel & Tourism - Learn about the business of the LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort and Merlin Entertainments.

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