How much does Q-Bot cost?

Q-Bots are priced as follows - Q-Bot Regular: £20, Q-Bot Express: £35, Q-Bot Ultimate: £75 per person. In addition, a credit or debit card will be required for a £50 deposit for each Q-Bot device you rent. This deposit is to cover any loss or damage to the Q-Bot. This is taken via a manual swipe deposit slip of the credit/debit card. When you return the Q-Bot undamaged your deposit slip will be returned to you.



Where can we buy the Q-Bot in the resort?

There are 2 places in the resort to purchase the Q-Bot. These are the Q-Bot Main Sales point found in The Beginning next to the Annual Pass Room and the Q-Bot booth which can be found down in Adventure Land opposite the Climbing Wall.



If we buy Q-Bots online, do we get them from the same place in the resort?

There is a separate Q-Bot collection point for those guests who have pre-booked their Q-Bot, either with their LEGOLAND Holiday or via the LEGOLAND Windsor website. The dedicated Q-Bot Pre Book Collection Point is located next to the BIG Shop.



Can I get any Annual Pass discounts on the Q-Bot?

Annual Pass holders receive a 10% discount* available for all levels of Q-Bot rented at the Resort. Annual pass holders are also entitled to a 50% discount on Q-Bot Regular after 2pm. There is no Annual Pass discount on Q-Bot Mobile for any of the service levels at any time.




How many people can we have on a Q-Bot?

It is possible to fit up to 6 people on each Q-Bot (prices are charged per person). It is possible to split parties over several Q-Bots if you wish to separate during the day. An extra deposit will be taken for the additional Q-Bot to cover loss or damage.



Can we plan our entire day on the Q-Bot before going into the resort?

It is only possible to book one ride at a time on the Q-Bot, but you can reserve the same ride as many times as you want.



How does Q-Bot work with Under 3’s?

There is no charge for Under 3’s on Q-Bot. They do not go on to the Q-Bot device but if they meet the ride restrictions for the ride then they can accompany the Q-Bot user onto the ride.



How does Q-Bot work with Parent swap?

Q-Bot will work in conjunction with the parent swap system. Both the parent and all children wishing to ride will need to be covered by the Q-Bot device.



I have booked my Q-Bot for two days, do I need to return it or can I take it home and bring it back on the second day?

You must return the Q-Bot at the end of your first day. All Q-Bots will reset overnight. Guests with two day vouchers will be required to re-rent the Q-Bot on their second day using their booking reference details. On both days you will need to collect your Q-Bot from the Q-Bot Pre-Book Collection Point located next to the BIG Shop.


How can I pay for Q-Bot Mobile?

Once you have registered and selected your service level, you have the option to pay online by credit or debit card. Alternatively you can visit one of the Q-Bot Booths in LEGO City or The Beginning where you can pay by cash or card.




Can I pre-book Q-Bot Mobile?

No you cannot pre-book Q-Bot Mobile but it can be purchased online at www.legolandqbot.co.uk from 6am on the day of your visit.”



Will Q-Bot Mobile work on all phones and tablets?

Q-Bot Mobile is compatible on all phones and tablets using iOS and Android operating systems. Devices must be connected to internet using 3G, 4G or the complimentary Wi-Fi available at LEGOLAND Windsor Resort.



How many times can I reserve an add-on attraction?

All add-on attractions can only be reserved once during your visit.