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LEGO® Friends: Girls on A Mission

Celebrate with the LEGO® Friends as they have stopped the underwater car park being built in the ocean! There was a lot of work done to rescue the sea creatures, such as, stopping the dredging, cleaning up the ocean and returning the animals back to the sea.

  • Every day until Saturday 2nd October
  • Please check the app on the day of your visit
  • Included with your Theme Park entry
  • Theme Park, Heartlake City

Rescuing the sea animals was all part of their work to make the Heartlake City lighthouse an official nature sanctuary, however the 3,000 signatures they had to support them aren’t enough! They need to show that people support the nature sanctuary, or the Heartlake City Council are going to approve plans for an underwater office block. The girls are going to put on a concert and work together (along with the audience!) to show that people support the sea creatures!

Please note, this show will be closing from Saturday 2nd October.