Rides Access

Rides Access Pass - Terms and Conditions

This policy is designed to make reasonable adjustments to assist guests who do not understand the concept of queueing.

In view of the level of accessibility across our Resort, wheelchair users will not receive a Ride Access Pass. For those attractions where access with a wheelchair is not available at the main entrance there will be an alternative route available. Please see map side of this policy to see detail of the access at each attraction.

Guests who qualify for the Ride Access Pass scheme must go to guest services either in the Beginning or Heartlake City with some form of documentation stating the nature of their disability. You may also register online where you can submit copies of your documentation prior to your visit to aid with any wait there may be and to prevent you from having to present this on each visit. Once you have registered for a season this will be valid for the entirety of that season.

The issuance of Ride Access Passes is based upon documented proof of disability such as a GP’s letter, association membership details, council run membership or anything from an official body that helps us understand how the nature of yours or party members disability may affect you in a theme park environment. Due to this we do not accept blue or orange badges as these do not explain the nature of the disability.

Our staff are not medically trained so unless there is a clear explanation of the nature of a disability stated we are unable to know what services may be required.

Guests who are issued Ride Access Passes will be required to sign a declaration when first registering.

To make the Ride Access Pass as user-friendly as possible we use smartphone technology, therefore in order to use our Ride Access Pass you will need to bring a smart phone.

Once you have presented all your documentation (online or at our guest services) and signed our declaration one of our staff will issue you with a login for access to your Ride Access Pass for the day. Each member of your party will also be given hand stamps a red one for the guest with the disability and black ones for the guests accompanying them. Please note that for each Ride Access Pass we issue there is a maximum of 4 people able to book on one ride at anytime. This should be the guest with a disability with up to 3 accompanying people. In order for the Ride Access Pass to be used the guest with the disability and the red hand stamp must be also experiencing the ride.

Each time you visit you will need to obtain a new login and new hand stamps.

Once logged in to your Ride Access Pass you will be able to book a ride, this will then notify you of a time to arrive at that ride so you do not have to physically wait in the main queue. On the map side of this policy you will see the appropriate entrance for each of the rides you are using. Once you have beeped in with the host on the ride using both your smart devices you will then be able to book your next one.