Fairy Tale Brook

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Fairy Tale Brook

Fairy Tale Brook

DUPLO® Valley

Enjoy a gentle boat trip through our fairytale forest to find LEGO tales of princesses, magical creatures, mischief and fun! From Little Red Riding Hood to the Three Little Pigs, meet new friends around every corner and see if you can guess which part of their story they are telling you.

Please note:

  • From 9th September 2019 (excluding 30th Sep - 4th Oct) Fairy Tale Brook will open at 12:00
  • Between 30th September and 4th October Fairy Tale Brook will open at 10:00am and close at 2:00pm

Build your day

  • Located in DUPLO® Valley
  • Children under 1.3m must bring an adult to ride

Activity: Use your imagination, can you write us your own LEGO themed fairytale?

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