Aero Nomad

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Aero Nomad

Hop inside one of our desert baskets for an uplifting ride, perfect for explorers on a mission! Get yourself a bird’s eye view of the mighty Kingdom of the Pharaoh’s, the ultimate opportunity to map out your next adventure!

Build your day

  • Located in Kingdom of the Pharaohs
  • Children under 1.3m must bring an adult to ride
  • Q-Bot's are available for this ride
  • 1 adult can supervise up to 5 children

Test your voyager eye!
Can you tell us how many bricks make up our colossal LEGO® Pharaoh, in perfect sight from your desert basket in the sky?

78,000              178,000               1780,000

Answer: 178,000! It took 792 hours to put these together

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