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  • Theme Park, Imagination - LEGO® Studios 4D
Enter an undiscovered world, where LEGO® creatures come to life. Follow Bits & Bobs’ journey as he takes his first steps into MYTHICA, encounters mysterious creatures and finds out not everything is always as it seems...

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Join Bobs on his epic adventure...

Full of epic adventures and mysterious creatures all waiting to be discovered, ‘Journey to MYTHICA’ follows Bobs’ adventure as he enters an incredible parallel universe to ours.

Leading these creatures are three noble guardians who protect the world and all its inhabitants. Maximus, the majestic Winged Lion, Crystal Flame, the beautiful Fire and Ice Bird, and Duo the two-headed Hydra. Each guardian has unique powers that preserve the land’s harmonious balance. But watch out for the Winged Angry Terror - you can never be sure of what he is going to do next.

Hold onto your seats as you journey with Bobs from OUR world into MYTHICA. Experience enchanted forests, raging seas, hidden caves, fire and ice. Be prepared to escape the Winged Angry Terror, soar with Maximus the Sky Lion and make a splash with Duo, before Bobs discovers his true powers!