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An AWESOME Place to Work!

Find out more from some of our team members on why LEGOLAND® is an awesome place to work!

Engineering Supervisor, Sam Palfery at the LEGOLAND Express

Engineering Supervisor, Sam Palfery

How long have you worked at LEGOLAND? 

I started in January 2017 so I’m in my 4th year at the Resort 

What was your career path to getting the job here? 

I trained as an Aircraft engineer, completing a four-year advanced apprenticeship in aeronautical engineering at Farnborough Tech College, working at ATC Lasham. Shortly after becoming qualified I then started my own Limited company and did some contracting, working on VIP jets at Farnborough airport, doing some aircraft sheet metal work, working as a skilled team member at Farnborough airshow and then finally I went into manufacturing. Then one day I got a call asking if I would be interested in working at LEGOLAND as a Mechanical Engineer. I was quite shocked as I didn’t think that job existed at LEGOLAND, but it sounded interesting so I took the job. After just under 2 years I became Engineering Supervisor and that’s what I currently work as.

What makes your role unique?

Every day I come into something different. There are many rides with many technical systems and components and you just don’t know what will happen next. It’s also kind of two roles in one as during the operational season I manage my team geared towards keeping the rides running, minimising downtime and increasing guest satisfaction, it’s very fast paced. Whilst during the annual closed period my role changes to more of a project management role where I will plan and manage the full strip down and repair of 7 of the rides. This work is also challenging but the park is quiet and the atmosphere is completely different.

Why do you love working at LEGOLAND?

The thing I enjoy most is improving things. In my role I have a responsibility to ensure the rides are running as the should be and to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for the guests and staff. Part of that comes from fault finding and improving processes and workflows and this gives me great sense of achievement.