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Mythica Magical Forest

NEW! The Magical Forest

Journey into the heart of LEGO® MYTHICA’s brand new walkthrough attraction, The Magical Forest, perfect for all the family!

Start your adventure by entering a swirling vortex and discover the magnificent LEGO creatures that dwell within this mysterious woodland, where surprises are around every corner.

Find Bits & Bobs, the friendly baby Alicorn at the enchanted waterfall and watch as his reflection transforms before your eyes. Watch out for the giant LEGO Venus Fly Traps, sometimes they can be a little snappy!

As your expedition continues, you'll venture past the electric bats in the Caves of Illumination and approach large cave surrounded by lava, passing Crystal Claw Crabs and a super-sized LEGO egg or two along the way. Maybe they belong to a magnificent creature?

Are you brave enough to enter the mystical cave? Legend has it that a Lava Dragon sleeps soundly inside…

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