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Terms & Conditions: Ride Access Pass Policy

Terms & Conditions

LEGOLAND Windsor takes every precaution to ensure maximum safety for everyone. We provide information in our Accessibility Guide regarding ride restrictions and evacuation procedures. Please consider carefully which rides you are able, or wish, to use. Definitions “The Act” Equality Act 2010 “The Definition” A person shall be regarded as being disabled if they have a physical or mental impairment which has substantial long-term adverse effects on their ability to carry out normal day to day activities. (“Substantial” being more than minor or trivial; “long-term” being that the impairment must have been there for more than 12 months or likely to last for at least 12 months.) “The Concession” A facility (Ride Access Pass) offered to our guests with disabilities allowing easy access to the rides and attractions whereby the standard queue is by passed.

1. Visitors with a disability (as defined by The Act) may, at our discretion, be issued upon request a coloured wristband and Ride Access Pass entitling them to The Concession.

  1. The following are the only acceptable forms of documentation accepted: 2.1 Letter from consultant detailing condition and any needs or challenges in relation to queuing. 2.2 A DLA, DWP or PIP letter stating that the guest making the application is entitled to HIGHER RATE MOBILITY payments. We will only accept higher rate mobility letters; no other letter will be accepted. 2.3 Blue parking badge with bona fide photographic identification. 2.4 A valid Access Card (with the Queueing logo on it).
  2. Upon receipt of a Ride Access Pass, an A Guide will also be supplied. This guide highlights specific ride restrictions applicable in conjunction with the standard restrictions as displayed at the entrance to each individual ride and attraction, this guide also contains the Ride Access Pass.
  3. Each guest with a red wristband must be accompanied onto or into a ride or attraction by a carer/support worker. 4.1 At least one carer aged at least 14 years must accompany the guest with a disability onto the chosen ride or attraction; this carer must take full responsibility for the guest with the disability in the event of an emergency. 4.2 The following rides and only the following rides do not require a carer: Desert Chase, Thunder Blazer, L-Drivers and LEGO® City Driving School. We do strongly recommend that if you choose to ride these attractions without the assistance of a companion over the age of 14 someone over this age remains in a close proximity of the ride in the unlikely event of an emergency situation. 4.3 A maximum of three companions at a time are permitted to accompany a guest with a disability onto a chosen ride. 4.4 Companions are not entitled to The Concession unless accompanying a guest with a disability. 4.5 Companions agree that they must take full responsibility for disabled guests during any emergency evacuation and that LEGOLAND Windsor staff are unable to assist guests through lifting or carrying.
  4. Other restrictions and rules may apply at any time and use of The Concession does not supersede such restrictions and rules should they be in force.
  5. Use of The Concession does not guarantee zero waiting time, especially at peak times.
  6. When exiting a ride, the current queue time will appear as a countdown on the ride access pass to indicate when it may be used again. It will not be possible to ride another of these rides until the time on your Ride Access Pass has been passed.
  7. One pass will be issued per guest per day.
  8. Guests found to be misusing the pass in any way or attempting to contradict any of the terms and conditions will have their pass revoked and may result in the future issue of the Ride Access Pass being denied.
  9. Misuse of the Ride Access Pass is identified, but not limited to: 11.1 Making a reservation, screenshotting the QR code, cancelling the reservation and using the screenshot at another point during the day.
  10. All guests using the pass agree that LEGOLAND Windsor will keep a record of their details for verification and registration purposes in line with the Data Protection Act and consent to having their photo taken for verification purposes.
  11. Disabled Access Registration ID cards are issued to all registered visitors; these cards are for the sole use of the person named and/or photographed on the card. Any misuse of the Registration Card will result in this being revoked and may result in the refusal of any future Ride Access Pass.
  12. Registration cards are only valid at Chessington World of Adventures Resort, Alton Towers Resort, Thorpe Park Resort and LEGOLAND Windsor; these cards will not be accepted at any other Merlin Entertainments Group site.
  13. During busier periods of the season it may not always be possible to have a staff member man all verge points on the rides, in these circumstances please continue to use the designated queue line and continue to use your ride access pass as normal.
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