Ride Access Pass

To be eligible for the Ride Access Pass, the children who require a Ride Access Pass will need to be accompanied by a helper/teacher. This helper/teacher should be able to assist them when visiting a Ride or Attraction.

Whilst at LEGOLAND helpers/teachers might need to support disabled visitors with the following (but not limited to):

  • Following the boarding instructions given by the staff running the attraction,
  • Staying with the disabled guest on the attraction,
  • Assisting with transfers, boarding and alighting,
  • Following staff instructions in the event of an evacuation,
  • Passing on any messages and safety instructions, both written and verbal, given by LEGOLAND staff members.

Children who require a Ride Access Pass are identified via a red handstamp. The helpers (or additional students who do NOT require a ride access pass) are identified via a black handstamp. For every red handstamp, there must be a black handstamp with them above the age of 14 when visiting a ride or attraction. Please keep this in mind in terms of child/adult ratios.

To pre-register your group for the Ride Access Pass please contact school.equiries@legoland.co.uk for School Trips.

download Accessibility Guide  Ride Access Pass Instructions