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Ride Access Pass

We offer a Ride Access Pass, which is a virtual queuing system designed to make reasonable adjustments to assist guests who have a physical disability or medical condition that prevents them standing for extended periods of time, permanently non-ambulant guests and guests who do not understand the concept of queuing.
Ride Access Pass - Merlin Entertainments Accessibility Video

What is a Ride Access Pass?

The Ride Access Pass is a system we have in place to help guests who require extra assistance or are unable to queue due to a condition or disability. This allows them access to the rides via a queuing system for themselves and up to three people (one of which must be age 14+).

The Ride Access Pass removes the need for our guests to wait within the main ride queue lines, and enter by a dedicated entrance for Ride Access Pass users. 

We have partnered with Nimbus Disability to process our Ride Access Pass applications, who will individually assess your needs and determine if you are unable to queue. You can then collect your Ride Access Pass on your first visit to the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort, Alton Towers Resort, Chessington World of Adventures Resort or THORPE PARK Resort which will be valid for 3 years.

Please note that having a registered disability does not mean you automatically receive a Ride Access Pass.

To view our Ride Access Pass video with audio description, please click here.

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  • Applications will need to be submitted through our partner, Nimbus Disability, a social enterprise and an organisation run by and for disabled people and is recognised as a lead authority on accessible ticketing in the UK.
  • The team at Nimbus Disability will process your registration within 72 hours, you will not be able to link your application to a Merlin Ride Access Pass until it has been approved.
  • You will be provided with a unique reference number which can then be used to link to our Ride Access Pass system.
  • During your free registration there will be an opportunity to upgrade to an Access Card which is the best solution available for communicating your access requirements and nothing more across a range of different venues outside of Merlin Entertainments.

Once you register, Nimbus Disability will handle all your details securely and safely without Merlin Entertainments viewing the reason why you require a Ride Access Pass.

Apply Now

If you already have an active Access Card you can link this to a Merlin Ride Access Pass through our website. Link your Access Card

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Ride Access Pass is a virtual queuing system designed to make reasonable adjustments to assist guests who have a physical disability or medical condition that prevents them standing for extended periods of time, permanently non-ambulant guests and guests who do not understand the concept of queuing. 

The Ride Access Pass operates as an online virtual queuing system on a smartphone. Guests simply select the ride they wish to go on and make their way straight to the ride using the Ride Access Pass entrance where a member of team will scan the QR code generated by the phone. While guests enjoy the ride, the QR code triggers a countdown clock which is the same wait time as the standard queue time of that ride at that current moment. Once the countdown clock reaches zero, guests can select the next ride to head to. 

We understand that guests may not be able to queue in a physical queue line for a number of reasons and because of this we offer two different Ride Access Pass types: 

  • Red Ride Access Pass – for guests who require a Ride Access Pass due to cognitive conditions or who require assistance boarding or evacuating rides or attractions due to any mobility requirements. Those with a Red Ride Access Pass must be accompanied by a personal assistant / carer who should be able to assist them with boarding a ride or attraction and aid them in the event of an evacuation. 
  • Yellow Ride Access Pass – for guests who do not require the assistance of a personal assistants / carers to board or evacuate rides but due to a medical condition are unable to wait in a physical queue line.

The colour of Ride Access Pass is determined through the application process and will be printed on the Ride Access Pass ID card. 

Up to three people can accompany a guest using a Ride Access Pass on a ride, including a personal assistant / carer where required.  


Should you wish to discuss your family’s needs in advance of your visit, please contact us via with details about your party and our Accessibility Experience Team would be happy to help.

Yes, the Ride Access Pass can be used on all rides which have a queuing system at LEGOLAND Windsor, with the exception of:

  • Drench Towers and Splash Safari when ‘Timed Play’ is in session or when a pre-booking system is in operation.
  • Guests wishing to experience Flight of The Sky Lion must book a timeslot released on the day of their visit on the Ride Access Pass website. Timeslots are allocated on a first come first served basis and are released hourly, so book early to avoid disappointment.
    Guests are only able to book the following rides once a day:
  • Fire & Ice Freefall (LEGO MYTHICA)
  • Hydra's Challenge (LEGO MYTHICA)
  • LEGO City Driving School (LEGO City)


Should you require any further information regarding how the Ride Access Pass will operate on Flight of the Sky Lion or any of our other rides, you can contact our Accessibility Experience Team via email at so that we can ensure your day runs as smoothly as possible.

All Ride Access Pass entrances at the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort Attractions are either through the Reserve & Ride Entrance or the Exit. All queue lines are wheelchair accessible and some contain wheelchair lifts, please see our accessibility guide on specific ride information.

Once you have received confirmation of your Ride Access Pass application, please go to the Ride Access Pass Hub which is located on the left once you’ve gone through the ticket gates at The Beginning. Please be ready to give your Ride Access Pass order number and the team will print your Ride Access Pass ID card.  


The Ride Access Pass operates online, via a Wi-Fi enabled mobile device such as a smart phone. If you do not have access to a suitable device for your visit, our team at the Ride Access Pass Hub would be more than happy to help you with a solution for this. We strongly recommend you connect your mobile device to the free LEGOLAND Windsor Wi-Fi to use throughout your visit. The virtual Ride Access Pass queuing system operates via You will be able to login to your Ride Access Pass account using the email address you processed your Ride Access Pass order under.  


Once logged in, you will be able to activate your session by pressing ‘Ride Access Pass’ at the top of your screen.  


Your Ride Access Pass will then be activated, and you will be shown the following steps to allow you to queue virtually for the duration of your visit.

  • Step One: Select the ride you wish to use using the Ride Access Pass. 
  • Step Two: A QR code will then appear. Head straight to the ride where a member of the team will scan your mobile device and show you to the ride.  
  • Step Three: Once you have enjoyed the ride, a countdown will appear to show the time to wait until your next ride reservation becomes available. This wait time will be the same as the current wait time  
  • Step Four: Once the countdown reaches 00:00, you can then select your next ride on the Ride Access Pass.

On your following visits, you are able to simply login to your Ride Access Pass account yourself, via, and activate your Ride Access Pass to use alongside your Ride Access Pass ID card.

Guests who have been issued with a Red Ride Access Pass will need to be accompanied by a personal assistant / carer who should be able to assist them with visiting a ride or attraction, including being able to communicate any safety restrictions and messages, and assist with any assisted exits or unusual circumstances, which may involve the lifting and transfer of the disabled guest from the ride carriage into an evacuation chair at high level. Upon registering for your Ride Access Pass, the team will confirm via email which colour Ride Access Pass you will be issued. 

With a Red Ride Access Pass, both the Ride Access Pass user and their personal assistants / carers must fulfil the ride restrictions of any given attraction to ride. 

Personal assistants / carers must by 14 years old or over and must be able to support the person they are caring for with the following (but not limited to): 

  • Follow the boarding instructions given by the staff running the attraction
  • Staying with the disabled guest on the attraction
  • Assisting with transfers, boarding and alighting attractions
  • Following staff instructions in the event of an evacuation
  • Passing on any messages and safety instructions, both written and verbal, given by LEGOLAND®

The following rides do not require the personal assistants / carers to ride with the person they are caring for: 

  • Desert Chase
  • Thunder Blazer
  • L-Drivers
  • Driving School 

Should you require any further information about the boarding, off-loading or evacuation processes on any of our rides before you visit, we encourage you to contact our Accessibility Experience Team at least two weeks before your visit our contact form here so that we can ensure your day is as smooth as possible.  

If you need to speak to a member of staff on the day of your visit, our teams at the Ride Access Pass Hub in the Beginning, The Sensory Space in Heartlake City, or at any of our rides or attractions, would be happy to help.

We partner with Nimbus Disability Consultancy who run the “Access Card” Scheme. Nimbus Disability is an organisation of disabled people which specialises in the legislation behind The Equality Act and are recognised as a lead authority on accessible ticketing in the UK.

It is really important that we ensure our Ride Access Pass system remains beneficial for those who simply could not visit our attractions without one. Access Card (run by Nimbus Disability) have a robust and detailed application process, providing the opportunity to upload evidence, supporting documents and include any information about the barriers you face when visiting an attraction.

Unlike the previous process through Merlin where we have asked for a Blue Badge or Higher rate DLA/PIP, the Access Card application process is more focused on an assessment of an individual person and the barriers they face as an individual. They ask for any documentation and details to support an application and their expertise and knowledge of a wide range of disabilities makes them the right people to make this decision.

Applying for a Ride Access Pass in advance is essential to ensure you get the best possible experience when you visit our attraction. There is still a provision on the day for applications, however due to the robust processes in place, it may take an hour on the day. We strongly advise to organise your RAP in advance – so on your visit, you can focus on having FUN!

Typically a decision is made on an application within 72 hours, however at peak times it may be longer. If you are visiting a Merlin attraction in the next 2-3 days you can apply for a temporary Ride Access Pass Card by clicking here.

Important Information: the Temporary Ride Access Pass will only be valid for 7 days from the date of approval and you will only be able to apply for a Temporary Ride Access Pass once, after which you must go through the full application process for a 3 year Ride Access Pass.

A Merlin Ride Access Pass is valid for 3 years from the date of issue and is valid for use by the guest named and photographed on the card.

If you already have an Access Card with the Queuing or Wheelchair symbol on it, you do not need to go through the application process again, you can head straight here to create your Merlin Ride Access Pass card.

Once Access Card have approved your application you will get an ID number. Simply head to the Access Card website here with your ID number, where you can create your Ride Access Pass.

It is completely free to apply for a Ride Access Pass. During the application process you have the option to upgrade to an Access Card, priced at £15 for 3 years.

The Access Card can be used to demonstrate your needs in relation to the equality act at many venues across the UK and is widely recognised by theme parks, ticketing companies, theatres, retail and many more venues. The price is £15 for 3 years, you can find out more information here.

The Access Card (sometimes referred to as the CredAbility Card or a Nimbus Card) translates an individual’s disability into symbols that highlight the barriers they face and the reasonable adjustments they might need – almost like a ‘Disability Passport’.

This card helps inform our teams quickly and discreetly about the support needed whilst at our attractions, so our teams can make reasonable adjustments without having to go into large amounts of personal detail.

Find out more about how an Access Card can help here.

You do not have to have an Access Card to obtain a Ride Access Pass. Merlin Ride Access Pass applications remain completely free.

As part of our new partnership, applications are managed by Nimbus Disability, who also operate the Access Card. They ask for any documentation and details to support an application and their expertise and knowledge of a wide range of disabilities makes them the right people to make the decision.

During the application process for a Merlin Ride Access Pass, you have the option to upgrade to an Access Card, priced at £15 for 3 years.

You can visit the Access Card web site here for more information.

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Have a question? For more information to do with Accessibility please head to our Help Centre below to see answers to our frequently asked questions.

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