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Ride Access Pass Policy

Ride Access Pass Policy

This policy is designed to make reasonable adjustments to assist guests who do not understand the concept of queuing, have a physical disability that prevents them standing for extended periods of time or permanently non-ambulant guests. Please note that having a registered disability does not mean you automatically receive a Ride Access Pass.

Applying for a Ride Access Pass

An application for a Ride Access Pass can be made prior to your visit online or on arrival at The Ride Access Pass Hub. Please note that should you wish to register in person there will be a short wait to process your application.

The issuance of Ride Access Passes is based upon documented proof of disability which is dated within the last two years at the time of application. The types of documentation that will be accepted are:

  • A letter from a consultant or GP that is dated within the last 2 years; If your documentation is outside of the 2 year period, you will also need to submit DLA or PIP letter dated within the last 2 years.
  • A DLA, DWP or PIP letter, dated within last 2 years, stating you are entitled to higher rate mobility allowance - please note, we will only accept higher rate mobility allowance for a Ride Access Pass, no other letters will be accepted.

Should you hold the above documentation but it is not be dated within the last two years, you are able to submit this documentation with either DLA/PIP paperwork dated within one year. Please note that due to our requirements of documentation, we will not accept DLA/PIP documentation without the supporting letter and do not accept blue badges or any documentation that does not explain the nature of the disability.

Documentation is required to support all applications and staff reserve the right to refuse a Pass to anyone who does not show appropriate documentation. Our staff are not medically trained so unless there is a clear explanation of the nature of a disability stated we are unable to know what services may be required.

When the team have confirmed that your application is successful you will be provided with a case reference number, this reference is valid the remainder of that season and entirety of the following season. After this two season period you will be required to re-register your documentation

Activating your Ride Access Pass

To make the Ride Access Pass as user-friendly as possible we use smartphone technology, therefore in order to use our Ride Access Pass you will need to bring a smart device with you for your visit.

Once you have presented all your documentation (online or at our The Ride Access Pass Hub) and signed our declaration, one of our staff will assist you to set up your account within the Ride Access Pass system. Each member of your party will be given hand stamps, red for the guest with the disability and black for the guests accompanying them. The guest with the red stamp must experience the ride in order the use the Ride Access Pass, 3 guests with black stamps can accompany the guest with the disability on each use.

Each time you visit you will need to visit The Ride Access Pass Hub where you will provide your case reference number and the team will activate your session for the day. At this point you will also receive your hand stamps for the day.

On activation you will be able to choose a one shot for your visit. This is a ride you can use once, without the need to virtually queue. The one shot is there to help you manage your day alongside the Ride Access Pass system. There are a limited number of one shots available per ride.

Using your Ride Access Pass

Once the team have activated your session and you have logged in to the Ride Access Pass, via your smart device, you will be able to book your first ride. The purpose of the Ride Access Pass is to virtually queue for our rides, alleviating the need to physically wait in the main queue line. When selecting your ride it will display a wait time. Once the ride is selected a countdown will appear on your screen.

Once your timer has counted down a QR code will appear and you will be able to access the ride via the designated entry point, which will display on your device. Once you have entered the designated entry point, our team will work hard to ensure that you are able to access your chosen Ride quickly. The Ride Access Pass does not guarantee zero waiting time at the Attraction entrance, especially at peak times.

Once you have displayed your QR code and red stamp, the team will scan your device and you are able to book your next ride.

For information on WIFI or technical issues please refer to the Accessibility Guide which you can collect from The Ride Access Pass Hub on arrival. Within this guide you will also find information on accessibility within the resort and queue free attractions that you can do whilst waiting for your countdown to finish.

Ride Access Pass holders must still follow the relevant restrictions for disabled guests and follow the instructions of the Rides and Attractions team.

Any guest found to be misusing our Ride Access Pass, will have their ability to use the Ride Access Pass system withdrawn.  

Please note that should you have a temporary condition which you believe may affect your theme park experience, we are still able to advise on making an adjustment for your visit. We do require your documentation to be dated within 30 days of your visit. As our Ride Access Pass is  to assist guests who do not understand the concept of queuing, have a physical disability that prevents them standing for extended periods of time or permanently non-ambulant guests, we would be unable to register you for a Ride Access Pass for a two season period.

For our Frequently Asked Questions regarding Ride Access Passes, please visit our Guest with Additional Needs Help Centre, linked below.

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