LEGO® Education Workshops

Our workshops are perfect for teachers and students to experience a fun, hands-on and engaging session hosted by our trained educational staff in your school.

All of our workshops utilise the world's finest educational play materials: LEGO® bricks and cover key curriculum targets including English, Computing and STEM.

Here at LEGOLAND® we offer 14 different workshops for a minimum of 10 students which you can enjoy on your school trip, scroll down to find out more.

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Science of Rollercoasters

KS2 & 3 Science (Forces and Energy) - Build and design a LEGO® Rollercoaster and explore how forces and energy act upon them.

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Story Maker

Early Years, KS1 & 2 English - Kick-start creativity and boost writing, speaking and listening skills for your students.

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LEGO® EcoTown

KS2 & 3 Science - Explore and investigate renewable and non-renewable energy.

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LEGO® Castle Builder

KS1 Design & Technology - Design and construct a LEGO® Brick castle.

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LEGO® Time Traveller

KS1 & 2 History - Explore Ancient Civilisations from our Stone Age ancestors to Roman Britain.

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Underwater Creatures

KS1 & 2 Science - Dive into the amazing underwater world of the Atlantis Submarine Voyage.

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Around the World

KS1 & 2 Geography - Identify and locate the Earth's Continents and Oceans on our bespoke LEGO® map.

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LEGO® Gears and Pulleys

KS1 Science - Explore and understand how gears and pulleys work together to move objects.

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LEGO®, Camera, Action!

KS2 & 3 Computing/English - Students will collaborate and create their very own LEGO® Movie!

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LEGO® Robotics - Primary Edition

KS1 & 2 Computing - Students will build and program their very own interactive LEGO® model.

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LEGO® Robotics - Secondary Edition

KS3 & 4 Computing - Students complete a series of challenges with the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® robots.

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Business of LEGOLAND®

Key Stage 4+ Business/Travel & Tourism - Learn about the business of the LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort and Merlin Entertainments.

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teacher testimonials

Here's what the teachers have to say...

Pattishall School
“Children all very engaged, good pace, facilitator was brilliant with the whole class.”

Malvern Way School
“Fantastic Workshop which was very adaptable to my class!”

Holly Spring School
“Children from all abilities were engaged fully from the start to the end! Thank you.”

Great Bradfords School
“Really engaging, the children won’t stop talking about it!”