School Workshops

School Workshops



LEGO® Therapy (NEW for 2016)

All Key Stages - relevant to the School Inclusion Policy

Develop and re-inforce play, communication and social skills through LEGO! In teams of three, take turns at being a LEGO Supplier, Architect or Builder, all working together to complete a LEGO Model. LEGO Therapy focuses the students on the tasks that need to be performed through encouraging verbal and non-verbal communication; collaborative problem solving and team work and covers the school responsibility for social collaborative inclusion. Numbers are fixed to a maximum of 15 students.

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LEGO Artist.jpg

LEGO Artist (NEW for 2016)

Key Stage 1&2, Age Group 5-11, Art & Technology

Discover all about the extraordinary world of 2D & 3D LEGO Building! Compare and contrast the works of famous LEGO® Artists and Model Makers then, drawing on your pre-work analysis, create your own sculpture or picture using LEGO Bricks.

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LEGO Story Starter.jpg

Story Starter (NEW for 2016)

Key Stage 1&2, Age Group 5-11, English

Story Starter kick-starts creativity and boosts writing, speaking and listening skills. In groups of three, pupils collaboratively plan and create a visual sequence with LEGO bricks, thus creating an ordered structure to their story. This inspires and supports vocabulary development and the sentence writing process back in the classroom, using the materials created at the workshop.

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LEGO Forces.jpg

LEGO Forces (NEW for 2016)

Key Stage 1&2, Age Group 5-11, Science, Design & Technology

Through hands-on activities, discover and investigate how gravity, friction and mass can affect the speed and distance a model car travels. Students will collaborate, in pairs, to design and create their own LEGO car which can then be tested, allowing them to understand and focus on how to overcome the various causes of friction.

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The LEGOLAND Windsor Resort Needs You! (NEW for 2016)

Key Stage 2&3, Design & Technology

Students will learn about the history of LEGO® and LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort from creation until today. Where are we going tomorrow: you can help! In groups of 5, students will explore and investigate the Resort, drawing on their research around the Park and, through discussions, create and pitch their proposition for the future of LEGOLAND to the other teams.

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Gears and Pulleys.jpg

LEGO Gears and Pulleys

Key Stage 1&2, Age Group 5-11, Science

Explore and understand how gears and pulleys feature in our everyday life. Pupils become LEGO Engineers and construct more than one mechanical LEGO Model, allowing them to investigate and understand these concepts.

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Around the World.png

Around the World in 80 Bricks!

Key Stage 1&2, Age Group 5-11, Geography

Identify and locate the Earth's Continents and Oceans on our bespoke LEGO map. Use team work to create famous landmarks, animals and buildings, enabling the students to successfully navigate and recognise the World in which we live.

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Underwater Creatures and Habitats.jpg

Underwater Creatures and Habitats

Key Stage 1&2, Age Group 5-11, Science

Dive into the amazing underwater world of the LEGOLAND® Atlantis Submarine Voyage! Students will learn about the characteristics of underwater creatures and their habitats. In pairs, they will build their own Sea Underwater Creature, identifying and ensuring that their chosen design best fits in the chosen habitat.

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Castle and Kingdom.png

Castle and Kingdoms

Key Stage 1, Age Group 5-7, Design & Technology

Learn all about structure and stability then discover who or should we say what built the Castle here at LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort! Students will collaborate, in pairs, building their own Castle following the key principles of a sound structural design.

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LEGO Robotics.jpg

LEGO Robotics - Space Challenge

Key Stage 2&3, Age Group 8-14, Maths and Computing

Bring Maths and Computing alive outside of the classroom. Through hands on approach, students get to complete a series of space challenges with their LEGO® MINDSTORMS Education Robots. Students develop and use their problem solving skills to learn Algorithms, Boolean, Sequences, & Inputs and Outputs, through building and de-bugging programs. Maths concepts covered include estimation, measurement, precision and modelling.

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Computer Design and Control.jpg

Computer Design and Control

Key Stage 2&3, Age Group 7-14, Computing

Utilising the LEGO® Education WeDo Construction Sets, in pairs students will build and program their own interactive model. Covering key Computing topics such as algorithms, Boolean, repetition in programs, debugging & inputs and outputs.

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The Business of the LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort

GCSE, A LEVEL, NVQ, BTEC & Degree Level Students, Age Group 14+

Business Studies, Travel and Tourism, Marketing & Media Studies. Learn all about the business behind LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort and Merlin Entertainments plc. Explore recent marketing campaigns, our vision, mission and strategy, training and recruitment processes and more. Included with the Workshop is a free Business Activity Pack for each Student.

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